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Australian Immigration

Wish To Immigrate To Australia?

Australia Immigration

Australia is the 6th largest country in the world. It is called the country of Landscapes. Australia is ranked amongst the best countries to settle in as it offers world class education, a booming market with a low unemployment rate, high standards of living and a multicultural environment.

Benefits of an Australian PR

  • Live indefinitely in Australia
  • Spouse can also work
  • Sponsor eligible Family Members to stay with you
  • Children of PR holders who are born in Australia get Australian Citizenship by birth
  • Receive health insurance benefits under the government run Medicare service
  • Work anywhere in Australia under any employer except certain government organisations
  • Can travel to New Zealand without visa. Can also apply for NZ visas from Australia

Australian government offers a platform through which applicants from across the world can apply for an Australian Permanent Residency.

Skilled Migrant Independent – SubClass 189
This visa allows an applicant to apply for Entire Australia’s visa. The applicant should be working in skilled job domain which is in demand in Australia. The applicant has to score a minimum 60 points on a scale of 100 to qualify.

Skilled Migrant Dependant – SubClass 190
This visa depends on a state sponsorship. An applicant should have a sponsorship from a state in Australia. Besides the applicant has to score 60 points on a scale of 100 to qualify. On getting this visa, the applicant will have to stay in the sponsoring state for a minimum 2 years.

Regional Sponsorship Visa
This is a special visa for candidates who cannot meet the requirements of Skilled Migrant subclass 189 and 190. An applicant should secure a sponsorship from an Australian state or a territory or a close relative residing there.

We also assist in Family Sponsorship Visa. A permanent resident or a citizen of Australia can sponsor potential family member to live with him on a permanent visa.

Immigration is a complex process and every case is different from the other. We believe in providing informed solutions to our clients. Flying High can help you bring your dream of immigrating into reality.