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Wish To Immigrate To Canada?

Canada Immigration

People from around the world have settled in Canada as the country has so much to offer. World Class education, fast growing market, flourishing employment sector, makes Canada the first choice to immigrate.

Benefits of Canada’s Permanent Residence Visa

  • Live, work or study anywhere in Canada
  • Sponsor eligible Family Members to stay with you
  • Leaving a few high security government jobs, a PR holder can work under any employer in Canada.
  • Free education to children of age 16 or less.
  • Social Benefits like – Medical Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Pension, Free courses for Job search techniques
  • Travel to US on PR status

Citizenship and Immigration Canada offers a platform called as Express entry to apply for a Canadian PR. There are 3 types of visas under express entry.

Federal Skilled Worker Program
This visa caters to professionals from skilled job domains. In order to qualify for this Visa, the applicant has to score a minimum 67 points out of 100 from his age, qualification, experience, language test and a few other parameters. Only candidates who qualify can apply for this visa.

Federal Skilled Trade Program
This visa is for individuals who have experience of working in a skilled trade.
The individual has to score the minimum score from language test and should have atleast 2 years of continuous work experience in the nominated Trade occupation. Besides, the individual should also have an offer of employment of at least one year in the nominated trade from Canada or a Certificate of Qualification from a Canadian province or territory.

Canadian Experience Class
This visa is for individuals who have worked in Canada. A minimum 12 months of skilled experience in the nominated occupation is required.

Provincial Nomination
An individual can apply to provinces of Canada too. Every province of Canada have a separate eligibility parameter and an applicant needs to meet the minimum requirement of the province that he is applying.

After qualifying for one of above visa, an applicant can submit an Expression of Interest under Express Entry. On submitting the EOI, there is a CRS score awarded out of 600 points. Top ranked candidates based on the CRS score receive an Invitation to apply. Citizenship and Immigration Canada carries out an Invitation draw at least once in a month.

We also assist in Family Sponsorship Visa. A permanent resident or a citizen of Canada can sponsor potential family member to live with him on a permanent visa.

Immigration is a complex process and every case is different from the other. We believe in providing informed solutions to our clients. Flying High can help you bring your dream of immigrating into reality.